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2018. július 17. kedd, Endre, Elek

Every thing about subject-personal and personal kinds of interviews

From our articles that are previous you know that Interviews, according to the subject, are of three kinds:

  • subject,
  • individual,
  • and subject-personal.

We now have currently talked about subject interview in details. Now we will discuss remaining 2 types.

Personal meeting and its particular characteristics

In an individual meeting, the main topics the discussion, is a person. Into the role of individual interview characters are, as a guideline, well-known people: show-business movie stars, sportsmen, politicians. Any facts and spheres of life could be touched upon in a discussion. It doesn’t matter what is going to be discussed, considering that the journalist’s goal isn’t to have any definite information, but to conquer the “facade” of the person, to exhibit what this person is really love, “to humanize the glamor image”.

By structure, an interview that is personal resemble a psychological test, as soon as the various components of the respondent’s personality are consistently disclosed. The optimal strategy of the journalist may be the mix of indirect available questions (“Please inform us about…”) and provocative ones (“Why can you praise yourself on a regular basis?”). It really is desirable in order to complete the meeting with a concern (or a few concerns), that may place the interlocutor in a dead end, make excuses or show him to readers through the most side that is unexpected.

When you look at the research, individual interviews are carried out with professionals regarding the field. These are generally well understood representatives of these career plus don’t require a lot of an introduction. Whenever getting ready to this form of interview, spend unique attention to your concerns you ask. The absolute goal here is to really make the person speak about himself and open their personality, thoughts and tips.

Which are the peculiarities of subject-personal meeting?

The topic is a concrete person, who is interested in the readers not in itself, but in connection with some specific matter in the subject-personal interview. In cases like this, then in the subject-personal – only this one and no one else if in a subject interview the character can be any person of a certain status. Classic samples of the heroes for the subject-personal meeting – the winning athlete, the award-winning scientist, the hostage released from captivity. Questions this kind of an interview deal solely with all the material associated with the discussion. The privacy for the figures, as being a guideline, remains behind the scenes.

By structure, the subject-personal meeting can resemble a questionnaire, once the interlocutor is consistently asked about how he relocated to their current state. Nonetheless, if you wish never to turn the meeting into a listing of banal answers, the journalist has to seek out unforeseen facets of this issue, to determine tense and comic episodes that the meeting character experienced while moving towards his objective.

Into the next article, we’re going to think about the forms of questions found in the meeting. Immediately it must be noted that the proposed typology is of the nature that is purely practical has nothing at all to do with the classifications of questions found in philology.

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